2000 Season – Co-operation FIRST



Game Description: Four teams, paired in two alliances, will compete in each match. An alliance scores points by placing balls in their goal, and by positioning their robots in designated areas at the end of each match. At the start of a match each alliance has seven yellow balls and one black ball in their station. In addition, there are fifteen yellow balls and two black balls on the far side of the field which may be scored by either alliance.


Robot Description: Team 237’s robot was built on a 4 wheel drive system that was powered by single speed transmissions. Mounted to the robot base was an arm that was capable of collecting balls from the ground and receiving them from the human player station. This arm would then extend to score the balls into the goals at the center of the field. At the end of the match, the same arm that scored the balls would use hooks to pull itself onto the bar.



  • UTC New England Regional
  • National Championship