2002 Season – Zone Zeal



Game Description: Each 2 minute match begins with the 24’ x 48’ field broken up into 5 zones and set up as follows. Four robots start on the playing field and are paired in alliances of 2. There are 2 robots at diagonally opposite corners, 10 soccer balls in each driver station area, 20 soccer balls centered along each side of the field, and 3 moveable goals weighing approximately 130 lbs each in the center zone. The strategies are endless, but the basic objectives are simple. Robots race around the playing field trying to gather balls, place them into goals, place the goals in their scoring zone, and return their robot to their starting zone before the 2 minutes have elapsed.


Robot Description: Team 237’s robot was built on a 2 separate 2 wheel drive systems that could drop down to change the direction of travel. This unique design allowed for the robot to drive in different directions without the need to turn. Mounted on the robot were 2 spring loaded hooks that were used to capture and control goals. Mounted on a pole in the center of the robot was as a system Called IDAN (Intelligent Detection, Analysis and Navigation). IDAN was a compass system that could direct the driver by using a compass and replaying the instructions back to the operator station.