2010 Season – BREAKAWAY®



Game Description: In the 2010 game, BREAKAWAY®, two alliances of three teams compete on a 27-by-54-foot field with bumps, attempting to earn points by collecting soccer balls in goals. Additional bonus points are earned for each robot suspended in air and not touching the field at the end of the match.


Game Animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bb1P43OSfOU


Robot Description: Team 237’s robot was built with a unique drive system. This drive system had a pair of wheels in the rear that were fixed, whereas the front wheels pivoted. These wheels were capable of allowing the robot to traverse the field’s bumps to access any of the zones. A pneumatically driven kicker built into the center of the robot was able to kick the soccer balls into the goals.



  • Northeast Utilities FIRST Connecticut Regional
  • New Jersey Regional
  • FIRST Championship